Canon 5D Mark ii (FOR SALE)

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Nicolai Hadchity

Hey everyone,

Jeg kommer fra USA men har kun boet i Danmark i et år.. så jeg skriver på Engelsk.

Right, now!

I've had a Canon 5D Mark ii now for 3 months.. I bought it because I made a lot of money suddenly and felt like buying a really nice camera. Anyway, now I realize that instead of buying a camera because of it's reputation, I should have bought it because of it's capability.. It's way, way too professional for me and after this I'll go for a 60D or 7D.

It's the body only, and it's in perfect condition. No scratches, no damage and hardly ever used.. so if you're looking to save on a practically new 5D Mark ii, this is for you!

Unfortunately I don't have the receipt (kviterring) anymore because my housekeeper through it away in the wash with the box it came in, but it was bought from BHPhotoVideo and if you give them the serial number, they can perhaps tell you when it was sold.

So – Canon 5D Mark ii (body only) for sale.

I'm not gonna name a particular price just yet, but bear in mind that it's 14,200 kr.- + for a new one.. and this one is in the same condition, and as stated, hardly used.

Make me an offer and we can talk! Nothing unreasonable please.



.. i må gerne skrives tilbage på Dansk!


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Beskriv dit billede

Beskriv dit billede

Beskriv dit billede

5000,- ? angel

Are you interested in trading with a 7D?


    Give us the serial number on this page otherwise I do not think there is anyone who dares to buy it.

    john john

      Hello, do you want to trade whit a Canon 60D and some cash?

      New ,almost not used and bought in summer's.

      Hahaha! total fusker.

      Du skal være logget ind for at fortsætte