Hello, I haven’t found any posts about my problem.When I open my odt file in open office in windows XP (SP2) it auromatically opens my photoshop application. It does not happen with all my files though.The document causing problem was created with OpenOffice on Ubuntu 8.04. Please help. I didn’t find the right solution from […]

Hi, I’m using Atem 1 M/E and Atem 2 M/E for svereal month now and i’m experiencing a problem with photoshop export.I use the photoshop export possibilities since a year now and had no problem with it. I create lower third and send them to ATEM on the same network.Lately, it made my atem crash […]

Hello, I’ve just bought a new Digital SLR camera because it seemed like a good idea. I’d like to bring it on the ride but I’m a little concerned about damaging it as they are a tad delicate.Does anyone else go riding with their camera and if so how do you pack it so it’s […]