Futuremark Firestrike Extreme Bench.

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Hi guys,Hopefully I will have my NV setup running by tomorrow so I can post single and 2 way sli scores. At the moment I am leak testing the waterloop.I know a small sum from my last Monster Hunter: World thread got worried the series would be cutting corners/ being dumbed down as a more ‘casual’ experience with it going multiplatform.Since then, we should all know that is anything but. If nothing else, this is the next true evolution of the series and true successor.I love sid meier’s civ 5 but I don’t really like playiong single player and because I got the game rather late and I haven’t played it that much I’m not the best…. So I’d like to have someone to play with in private games, although I don’t mind your friends joiningThe game looks like a good multiplayer game what are your thoughts.Just a question outta random: What is your funniest CoD Ghosts moment? Mine was a guy that I randomly found on a death match, he was levitating in a window after he got shot, I’m assuming this was some funny glitch. Here’s a pic. It’s difficult to explain without the picture.
Thanks for any help.
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– https://forums.overclockers.co.uk/threads/futuremark-firestrike-extreme-bench.18487344/

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