New Zealand have won back

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world cups, the gulf between them and the rest is evidently very big, I’m wondering if the shackles are finally off with regards to the All Blacks and will now go on a huge winning streak of RWC wins from here on.

The fact that they went FIVE world cups between 1991 and 2011 without winning a single one seems crazy now, infact I can honestly say I’m not sure we’ll ever get that ever again if we’re being honest, with so many different teams winning, it almost looks like a fluke period, POS System Video what problems New Zealand had must have all been in the head then. NZ seem to have all the worlds best coaches as well queuing up for the job, it just looks so daunting for everyone else. :p

Have NZ finally now got a lock on these RWC’s and begin to dominate them the way they dominate the SH Rugby Championships?

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