Fixing the Atlas of War BP's.

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Where is the fix for Battle points? Why did you bring Dewnfield random box instead of fixing this event that skyrocketed your server population in last few days? Sorry but i dont understand your logic employees…

Personally, i’ve been so bored of this game and its problems, but this event actually made playing FUN and satisfying, things which i didnt experience for such a long time in Warface. So many people wasted time trying to get BP’s while it was bugged all along and u are still doing nothing about it? What a joke really…

You had plenty of time setting up AoW, you had RU AoW as an example, and still you managed to fail… Set your priorities straight, dont hype up a huge event like AoW and then say “Fuck it, lets make people pay if they wanna progress”.

You can warn me or ban me from forum, i really dont care, i/we just want experience which we all paid 5€ for.
I just hope you are rushing to fix this event/BP’s, many had high hopes in you, dont disappoint us AGAIN.
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